Pravcicka brana

Pravčická Brána is the largest natural stone bridge on our continent and a natural monument of our country.
It is considered the most beautiful natural form in Czech Switzerland and is the symbol of the entire area.

Zoo Decin

Zoo Decin - wide ranging exhibition of Bohemian Switzerland national park fauna
Situated about 100 meters above the busy town of Decin upon a hill called Pastyrska stena (The Shepherds' cliff) very close to the town centre, the local ZOO offers visitors a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for trips to visit its animal kingdom.



Rabštejn – a complex of underground aircraft factories from World War II
After Hitler issued his decree December 3, 1941 , "On Improving the Efficiency of Weapons Production", the Rabštejn valley became an object of interest of the Fascist war machine.


Hotel the forest Garden
Price from: 40.0 € person/night
Hotel the Brana Way Mezní louka
Price from: 34.0 € person/night
Penzion U Václava
Price from: 27.3 € person/night
Hotel U Zeleného stromu - Janov
Price from: 28.8 € person/night

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